Interactive sketches. Made with "GBStudio". 

Movement: "Arrows ". Interact: "Z"

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Tags1-bit, 2-bit, Game Boy


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Love it. If I hit the drums in the garage from the right, there’s a little bug there because it doesn’t stop drumming and the music doesn’t stop either. How do you move the image? Palette change or Actor frame?

Thank you! Fixed! "How do you move the image?" What image do you mean?

Sorry! Not the image. The clock, the shadow, etc. The frame usage is limited, that's why i ask.  It's like using more frames than gb studio allows. :)

Yes. Just more frames.

Nice experience. Love the animated trees and shadow in the window.

Thank you!

I really enjoyed this one, it felt nicely fleshed out with the drums! I know you're trying to go for the Minit look, but I feel like north/south sprites would really help with knowing which direction you're facing.

Thanks! Maybe you are right, but i love minimalistic way. 

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Graphics are amazing as always! You’re so good with pixels and colors

It was really fun to explore this guy’s house. I would like to explore more of this world


Thank you, Bro!